Friday, 17 March 2017


Article Marketing | Article Marketing For Small Businesses

There are thousands of websites providing a plethora of information on different subject matter. We are living in an age that shares this deep fountain of information, and makes it available throughout the planet. 

For readers, it is necessary to distinguish what is of value and interest to them in this vast information flow. Websites that stand out in this crowded field are able to create a vast audience and become trusted guides who can then take their followers into directions that can have significant commercial payoffs.

The demand for the supply of quality articles is almost unlimited, and provides a huge opportunity to connect to multiple websites, which are in some way affiliated to the product, service or any topic that is written well and grabs the reader's attention. It therefore becomes a platform for marketing driven by articles or blogs.

This is referred to as Article Marketing, and it should become a prominent addition to any company's marketing mix. The big players know the value of this type of marketing well. With a few basic guidelines small businesses can follow suit and grow their online businesses in this manner:

Diversify the placement of articles – When you write a quality article  leverage it by not only attaching it to your own website but also submitting it to as many other websites you can find, who, in one way or another, are affiliated to the keywords found in the article.

Always remember that association with good articles may have marketing benefits for other online businesses. Submit your articles to major and reputable websites, and in particular to the ones with a high volume of traffic.

Write articles on a regular basis – when you start the process of Article Marketing you may not immediately have them posted on powerful websites. They will want to know that the substance will continue to be of high quality over time before they open the door.

However, once you establish your worth, it is as much in their interest as yours to include your articles on their website. Make quality submissions on regular basis either daily weekly or as needed.

Ensure that article standards do not deteriorate over time – There are many writers that start on the right  foot and provide interesting articles that grab attention, but then the website starts falling short of the initial standard.

Good writers that develop an online following are much prized, and will move on if they feel unappreciated. Find a way to keep them through appropriate incentives.

Article Marketing is low cost - Article Marketing has one of the highest benefit to cost ratios of any marketing mix. If you possess good writing talent, and are knowledgeable about the topics covered your costs are limited to whatever you evaluate your time to be.

But paying even top freelance writers can provide a return of ten to one if you have developed enough cross-links to other sites on  the Internet.

As a result, your e-commerce business can soar on the wings of good articles. This state-of-the-art technique of online digital marketing is just starting to gain recognition on a wider basis, and greatly benefit those who have made it one of their prime marketing tools.

Build online authority and reputation – This is painstaking work that requires time and patience. Don't expect immediate results. It can take months and even years to hone your reputation as an expert in a given field, and be viewed as an authority. Too many give up too soon even though they may be on the cusp of a breakthrough in traffic and conversions.

The number of views per article should progress over time, and this provides positive feedback that the articles are starting to resonate with viewers. But it is difficult to predict when this will turn into a lucrative flood of traffic. Believe in what you are doing, and stay with it.

Keep the search engines humming – Submitting articles to various websites increases the value of the keywords contained therein. Concentrate on using the keywords that matter for your products and services.

The combination of quantity and quality will allow your company's website to progressively move up the search engine ranking of Google and others.

By this process you improve your chances to move up to the much sought after first page. Every time you submit an article to another website or Internet directory you connect to another valuable back-link. This is referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Focus on quality and value - In article marketing always provide quality and value-based articles that satisfy your potential clients. As in any other marketing strategy investigate what topics your clients want and value.

If you consistently deliver on this, then you will gain the trust needed to turn your Article Marketing program into lucrative sales conversion vehicle. 

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